Mallorca 1999 - Identification and Characteristics of Surface Components

M01 Identification of Turf Fibres Using Differential Scanning Calorimetry

Dr. Konrad Binder, OIST, Wien

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M02 The Lisport Apparatus

Dominique Boisnard, Labosport, LeMans

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M03 The Securitest

Dominique Boisnard, Labosport, LeMans.

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M04 Effect of Sports Surfaces in Jumpin

Dr. Juan Dura, IBV, Valencia.

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M05 The Influence of Friction in Turning Movements

Juan V. Durá, Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia


A 180º turning movement was performed over five surfaces with different coefficients of friction measured with the method defined in the standard DIN18032-2. Two different phases were found: the braking and the starting phase. The results show that people adapt their movement, increasing time and knee flexion angle during the braking phase. Considering the time taken to perform the movement as a performance parameter, it was found that there is a compensation between the two phases that reduces the differences in times and causes the global performance to be similar in the different surfaces. In this manner, low friction coefficients are better because muscle stress and torque in joints are reduced.

Keywords: Sports Surfaces, Friction, Turning

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Cagliari: 25 & 26 October 2018

The ISSS has successfully concluded the AGM and the Technical Conference in Cagliari. Scientific and Individual Members present accepted financials, audit report and activity schedule as presented.
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