Vienna 2004 - Review of Test Procedures for Synthetic Turf

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V01 Introduction

Hans J. Kolitzus, IST/USSL

Vienna - Introduction (25Kb)

V02 Environmental Compatibility

Reporter: Dr. Christa Hametner, OFI

Referenced Documents:

  • The DIN Concept
    • Comments on the DIN Concept by Hans J. Kolitzus. Click [here].
    • History of the DIN Concept by Hans J. Kolitzus. Click [here].
    • Introduction to the DIN Concept by Hans J. Kolitzus. Click [here].
    • DIN 18035-7:2002-06 Sports Grounds Part 7; "Synthetic Turf Areas", Determination of Environmental Compatibility Click [here].
  • Swiss Federal School of Education (ESSM/BASPO) Guideline #105

Environmental Compatibility (30Kb)

V03 Ball Rebound

Reporter: Bernd + Jürgen Härting, IST

Referenced Documents

  • EN 12 235 "Vertical Ball Behaviour"
  • DIN 18032-2 "Sports Hall Surfaces"
  • DIN 18035-7 "Synthetic Turf Areas"
  • BS 7044 Sct. 2.1 "Ball-Surface Interaction"
  • ASTM F 2117 "Ball Rebound"
  • UEFA Manual
  • FIFA Manual
  • ITF Guideline
  • FIH Requirements

V04 Ball Roll Behaviour

Subject : Ball Roll Behaviour

Reporter: Morten Gabrielsen, NBI

Referenced Documents:

  • How to calculate the ball roll distance from timing gate measurements, Hans J. Kolitzus. Click [here].
  • Connection between ball roll distance and velocity change, M. Gabrielsen.Click [here].
  • Comments on "Connection between ...." , John I. Dunlop.Click [here].

Ball Roll Behaviour (195Kb)

V06 Artificial Athletes

Reporter: Hans J. Kolitzus, IST, USSL

Referenced Documents:

  • Factors influencing the Results by Mark Harrison. Click [here].
  • Comments on Function and Use by Hans J. Kolitzus. Click [here].
  • Calibration of Artificial Athlete by Bernd Härting.. Click [here].
  • Measurement of Sports Surface Resilience by John I. Dunlop. Click [here].
  • Berlin Athlete Filters by John I. Dunlop. Click [here].
  • Summary of Presentation. Click [here].

V07 Rotational Resistance & Sliding Resistance

Reporter : Alastair Cox, CST Mattlock

Items to be addressed.

  • Tests adopted by sports governing bodies
  • TRRL Pendulum
  • Leroux Pendulum
  • DIN Friction Tester
  • Rotational Resistance (Traction)
  • A review of the different apparatus and discussion about the strength and weaknesses of each.

Ways of improving the reproducibility and repeatability of each.

Rotational Resistance + Sliding Resistance (254Kb)

V08 Wear

Dominique Boisnard, Labosport

More information.....Read More

Wear (19Kb)

V09 Permeability

Morten Gabrielsen, NBI

Permeability (400Kb)

V10 Aging

Konrad Binder, ofi

Referenced Documents

  • EN ..... Aging
  • DIN 18035-7 "Synthetic Turf Areas"
  • FIFA Manual
  • OISS Guideline
  • Q-Panel: QUV & Q-Sun - A Comparison of Two Effective Approaches to Accelerated Weathering. Click [here].

Aging (1279Kb)

V11 Burning Behaviour

Walter Müller, ofi

Burning Behaviour (191Kb)

V12 The Socra-Turf Project

John Willems, TNO and Juan Dura, IBV

Items to be addressed (Willems).

  • The approach of development of new generations artificial turf?
  • What are experiences of users on artificial turf pitches for soccer?
  • What are the possible improvements/critical properties of current fields according to the users?
  • To which extent the list of requirements of the users are tested in standard mechanical tests?
  • How should we develop and evaluate surfaces in the future?

The Socra-Turf Project (Willems) (617Kb)

The Socra-Turf Project (Dura) (444Kb)

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