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UEFA Turf Manual - Accreditation Systems of Various Sports

N01 Minutes of Meeting

Minutes of the ISSS Technical Meeting at Nyon, 10th - 11th October 2002

 Read Minutes

N02 Introduction to UEFA Turf Manual

Gerhard Aigner, Rene Eberle, UEFA

Introduction to UEFA Turf Manual (4089Kb)

N03 UEFA Lab Accreditation

Thierry Favre, UEFA

UEFA Lab Accreditation (4089Kb)

N04 Design and Construction Recommendations

Rolf Hediger, STS

Design and Construction Recommendations (4089Kb)

N05 UEFA Testing Procedures

Alastair Cox, CST

UEFA Testing Procedures (1478Kb)

N06 ITF Court Surface Classifiction Scheme

Dr. Miller, ITF

ITF Court Surface Classifiction Scheme (3408Kb)

N07 The FIH System

Alan Woods, FIH

The FIH System (19Kb)

N08 New Requirements of IAAF Performance Specifications

Benoit Laruel, IAAF

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N09 The FIBA System

Luigi Mazaroti, FIB

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N10 DIN 18035-7 New Version 2002

HJ Kolitzus, IST

DIN 18035-7 New Version 2002 (177Kb)

N11 List of Delegates

List of Delegates (12Kb)

Cagliari: 25 & 26 October 2018

The ISSS has successfully concluded the AGM and the Technical Conference in Cagliari. Scientific and Individual Members present accepted financials, audit report and activity schedule as presented.
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