Paris 2010 - Technical Conference

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The ISSS has Technical Meetings every second year. Earlier, the meetings were often called "Technical Seminars" when the program consisted of presentations by various speakers. Over the years, we have addressed many interesting subjects, sometimes even repeatedly. However, there is no real new subject left. Thus, we have decided to try a new way of communication between members of ISSS about actual common issues: discussion rather than presentations. This was the style which was tried out at the Paris ISSS Technical Conference on 21 October 2010.

The programme of the conference may be downloaded here.The various topics were initiated by short statements from experts. This was to allow the maximum amount of time to focus the discussion to the important points. In addition to experts from the membership we had a few external experts. Their credentials can be seen at xxxxxxx.

Unfortunately, there was too little time to discuss all topics thoroughly. Therefore, we will review all contributions of the discussions as recorded on audio tapes and work off the various subjects by preparing summaries and additional comments which will then be posted to the ISSS website also. The outline is provided at xxxxxxxx   

The aim of the conference was to exchange information and find common views on the various issues. The ISSS cannot pass regulations on any test procedure. But as the professional group of experts we can offer this information to the Standardization Authorities, mainly CEN TC 217. We hope that our results will be taken into account while reviewing the CEN standards.

Hans J. Kolitzus
Conference Management

A01 ISSS Round Robin
21 November 2010

Interpretation of General Results

Conclusions for future testing (acceptable tolerances)

Application of r- and R-values

Continuation of Program

A02 ISO 17025 vers. ISO 17020
22 December 2010
A03 Failures Track Surfaces
14 April 2011
A03 Final Specification of AAA
01 December 2010
A04 Progress EN TC 217 - Sport Surfaces
21 November 2010
Standards under revision and new work items.
A07 Artificial Turf
21 November 2010
Yarn and Infill - Components make systems
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